Sipping Nero d’Avola with Inigo Montoya: A Toast to Revenge and Romance

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Join us in another episode of “Meeples and Wine,” where we combine our love for board games and reasonably priced fine wine. In this episode, we delve into the rich flavors of Sicily with a tasting of the renowned Nero d’Avola wine.

As the aroma of the wine fills the air, Michael and Suzy take you on a sensory journey, exploring the characteristics that make Nero d’Avola unique. They discuss its origins, the winemaking process, and share their personal experiences with this bold and captivating red wine.

But we don’t stop there! We dive into the world of Florin we review “Princess Bride: A Game of Wits.” Inspired by the beloved movie, this card game promises to transport players into the whimsical world of Buttercup, Inigo, Prince Humperdink, Count Rugen, and the Dread Pirate Roberts.

With the cards laid out on the table, Michael and Suzy assess the game’s mechanics, strategic elements, and overall entertainment value. They share their thoughts on the game’s adherence to the movie’s themes, its accessibility to both casual and experienced gamers, and whether it captures the essence of the classic film.

Throughout the episode, Michael and Suzy expertly balance their wine tasting and game analysis, seamlessly intertwining the flavors of the wine with their insights on the card game. Their engaging banter and deep knowledge of both topics make for an entertaining and informative podcast episode that is sure to captivate wine enthusiasts and board game aficionados alike.

So, grab a glass of Nero d’Avola, gather around the table, and join Michael and Suzy as they explore the intersection of Meeples and Wine in this delightful episode of their popular podcast. Cheers!

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Pernod Ricard Lillet and Psycho Killer!

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Welcome to the bloodiest of our shows so far! We’re tasting Pernod Ricard Lillet Rouge, a French fortified wine that can be drunk as an aperitif or as a mixer in such beverages as the Vesper Martini and the Corpse Reviver #2! We chose this one due to it’s being a favorite drink of a certain literary character that segues nicely into the game of the week! (Listen to find out this one!)

Out wandering the streets one night we came across a game store that we had not visited before, Treasures in Naperville! This fine establishment is run by a very entertaining chap named Mike, who is quite the game enthusiast!

He directed us to the game Psycho Killer from Escape Tabletop Games, a 2-6 player card game that finds everyone as a character in an 80’s horror film! You’ll find yourself playing cards such as “Let’s Split Up!”, “Slam the Door!” and “Disarm” all while trying to avoid the 5 Psycho Killers wandering around the deck.

For Last Call Suzanne has found the DohicKey, a palm sized hotswappable, programmable, six key pad you can hold in your hand. Michael brings Weirdwood Manor, an co-op adventure in time with a very clever circular spinning board!

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The Ninth World and Kirkland Red Sangria!

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Welcome to the Ninth World, eight worlds have passed and now it is up to you, the Nano, the Jack and the Glaive, to discover what the previous worlds have left us, both for good and for bad. Based off the Numenera RPG by Lone Shark Games, the Ninth World finds you working to discover mysterious Cyphers, battling creatures, advancing your skills, and attending weddings (?!) while trying to survive in the billion year future of Earth.


This game, designed by the trifecta of Paul PetersonBoyan RadakovichMike Selinker, pulls from the Euro game scene, there are trackers to watch, phases to run through, tokens to move, and dice to roll. But somehow this cacophony of game mechanics comes together in the end, creating solid PVP, while you keep an eye on your opponents as you move your points along the Valor track to win, and a Co-op PVE version that will have you biting your nails as the difference between the glory of the win and the despair of defeat hangs in a single die roll.


Also, check out the Lone Shark Kickstarter for the new expanded Lords of Vegas!