Pernod Ricard Lillet and Psycho Killer!

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Welcome to the bloodiest of our shows so far! We’re tasting Pernod Ricard Lillet Rouge, a French fortified wine that can be drunk as an aperitif or as a mixer in such beverages as the Vesper Martini and the Corpse Reviver #2! We chose this one due to it’s being a favorite drink of a certain literary character that segues nicely into the game of the week! (Listen to find out this one!)

Out wandering the streets one night we came across a game store that we had not visited before, Treasures in Naperville! This fine establishment is run by a very entertaining chap named Mike, who is quite the game enthusiast!

He directed us to the game Psycho Killer from Escape Tabletop Games, a 2-6 player card game that finds everyone as a character in an 80’s horror film! You’ll find yourself playing cards such as “Let’s Split Up!”, “Slam the Door!” and “Disarm” all while trying to avoid the 5 Psycho Killers wandering around the deck.

For Last Call Suzanne has found the DohicKey, a palm sized hotswappable, programmable, six key pad you can hold in your hand. Michael brings Weirdwood Manor, an co-op adventure in time with a very clever circular spinning board!

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