Tiny Epic Dungeons and Apothic Red Blend

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In this episode of ‘Meeples and Wine’, hosts Michael and Suzy kick off the New Year by reviewing board game ‘Tiny Epic Dungeons’. The couple highlight the high replayability, short playtime, and high strategy of the game, despite its challenging learning curve. Michael and Suzy also mention a Kickstarter game they found interesting, ‘The Last Lighthouse’. They celebrate the return of their podcast after a hiatus and introduce their new sponsor, Manscaped. The hosts also enjoy Apothic Red wine, describing it as a good everyday wine to have on hand for casual meals like burgers and pizza.

Please give our sponsor a visit at https://www.manscaped.com/ and don’t forget to use the code meeplesandwine to get 20% off and free shipping!

0:00 Intros
01:26 Apothic Red Blend Tasting
05:09 Manscaped Promo
10:54 Game Review – Tiny Epic Dungeons
29:17 Final Sip – Apothic Red Blend
30:24 Last Call – Kickstarter Finds
44:05 End of show – Closing

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