Dice Throne & 19 Crimes Uprising Red

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This week we finally picked up a copy of Dice Throne, the Cursed Pirate vs Artificer box! We played a few games we realized that a level 4 and level 6 heroes were probably not the best ones to learn with, but we persevered. The game plays similar to an old favorite of ours, Magic: The Gathering but with tokens and dice and some really fantastic art by Manny Trembley.

The coolest thing about Dice Throne (Follow them on Twitter @DiceThrone) is how you can combine all the decks together. Would you like to play Gunslinger vs Ninja, or Treant vs Pyromancer? Well, you can, all the characters are able to be played against each other or in teams. We’ve seen the Battle Chests, and for $99 getting all the fighters in one spot is a great deal. (No Amazon link in these notes, mainly because it’s got nothing but scalpers selling the Battle Chests at $200!)

We’re attending the Polar Vortex game convention this coming weekend also. There’s a bunch of game companies that will be there like Looney Labs, and artists like Joe Abboreno! We’ll be searching out new games to play, and maybe some interviews too!


We’re also tasting 19 Crimes Red Blend, you know that wine brand with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart on the bottles? We picked this one because it’s aged in rum barrels and since there’s a pirate in the game, well, rum.

If you’ve got a game that you’d like us to demo get in touch at meeplesandwine@gmail.com, at our Twitter (@Meeplesandwine) or Facebook or if you’d like to leave us a voicemail you can go to https://www.speakpipe.com/MeeplesandWine!

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