NaPodPomo 2023: 30 Days of Game Mechanics: Bidding Games

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Welcome to Meeples and Wine Na Pod Pomo 2023, hosted by Michael and Suzy, where they review board and tabletop games for couples. They explore how well games play with two players, their fun factor, complexity, and whether they might “destroy the marriage.” Each episode also includes a thematic wine, beer, or drink tasting to accompany the game.

Exploring Board Games Mechanics: Auction and Bidding Games

In this podcast episode of ‘Meeples Wine Na Pod Pomo 2023’, Michael reviews two different board games featuring bidding mechanics: ‘Shipwrecked’ and ‘Power Grid’. ‘Shipwrecked’ is a blind bidding game where players compete for survival resources using a unique bidding system, with the possibility of strategic plays using different types of bid cards. ‘Power Grid’, on the other hand, allows players to bid openly for resources, power plants and cities necessary for expanding their power grid, providing insights into more conventional bidding mechanics. He gets into monitoring resources, understanding strategy, anticipating opponents’ actions, and managing bids wisely as key considerations for success in these games.

00:13 Introduction and Podcast Overview
01:09 Introduction to Auction and Bidding Games
02:15 Exploring the Game ‘Shipwrecked’
04:16 Artwork and Components of ‘Shipwrecked’
05:26 Gameplay Strategy and Rules of ‘Shipwrecked’
06:27 Introduction to the Game ‘Power Grid’
06:42 Bidding Phase and Strategy in ‘Power Grid’
09:22 Conclusion and Preview of Next Episode

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