Meeples & Wine 28 – Blackheart & Brawl

28 Feature

Welcome to almost the end of the #NaPodPoMo month with episode 28! This time it’s Michael rolling solo one last time, with only 2 shows left to go before midnight! It’s a nail-biter of will they/won’t they?! He’s tasting Bell’s Black Hearted Ale, a darker than sin, IPA that in all honesty he didn’t think that he would enjoy, spoilers. He’s talking about the card game Brawl from 1999, a “A real-time card game of brawling martial artists.” where you’ve got everything from goth-waitresses, to catgirl fighters all going at it in a free for all fight to win three bases! It doesn’t sound too crazy, but considering that every game lasts roughly 30 seconds, it gets nuts pretty fast!

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