Meeples & Wine 19 – Food Games & More Mead!

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Tonight we discuss tabletop games that have a theme of food! Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and we’ve gotten our baking needs bought, well, except for heavy cream. I don’t care if it’s grass fed, organic, only got sun from the west, the name of the cow was “Loretta”, I’m not paying $6.50 for a pint of cream. – Michael. We’re sipping Chaucer’s Mead (with the spice bag) hot tonight, so we’ll see where that takes us, it’s from Bargetto Winery by the way. But on to the games! Food themes is where we’re at, and we’ve already talked about Sushi GO!, so that’s off the table. Point Salad isn’t though, and toss that in with some others like Turkey Day!


If you’ve got a game that you’d like us to demo get in touch at, at our Twitter (@Meeplesandwine) or Facebook or if you’d like to leave us a voicemail you can go to!