Forbidden Desert and Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz!

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Who’s crash-landed in the Forbidden Desert and needs to work together to survive? Why Michael and Suzy, of course! We’re playing Forbidden Desert from Gamewright, and doing our best to search out tools to get rid of the sand (THAT WON’T STOP TRYING TO BURY US!) water for us to drink as the sun bears down on us, and finally to discover the coordinates to the four pieces that will assemble the flying machine to let us escape! Do we survive? Do we get buried under the tons of sand from the storm? Listen and find out! We go this one from Dane’s Games out in Geneva Il, a friendly LGS where you can pick up RPGs, board and TCGs, in fact we watched Dane himself build a new Magic: The Gathering player a starter deck while we were there! Check them out at the link above!


We’re tasting Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz too! A dessert wine for a desert game, this dark berry and chocolate forward vintage is perfect for sipping on a hot day with some sweetcakes or for clearing the sand out of your throat as you sink below the dunes!

This week’s Last Call is REDNECK WEDDING! Actually, no. It’s not. Suzy has found the chaotic and fun Fool’s Blade and Michael has some words about Shadowrun: Takedown.

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