NaPodPomo 2023: 30 Days of Game Mechanics: Co-Op Games

Napodpomo 5

In episode five of Meeples and Wine NaPodPoMo 2023, Michael discusses cooperative (co-op) tabletop games, where players work together to achieve a common goal. These games foster teamwork and camaraderie. Common themes include a shared win condition, communication among players, and unique abilities available to the players. Time or turn limits often add pressure. Some examples of co-op games discussed are Pandemic by Z-Man Games, a game about stopping global diseases, and Forbidden Island, where players collect treasures from a sinking island. The episode also covers The Crew, a challenge-based card game. The hosts stress the importance of communication, flexibility, and mutual help in co-op games, and encourage viewers to check out these games and their reviews on their website:

In this episode Mike mentions the review of Forbidden Island from the main show Meeples and Wine, you can find that at the link HERE or you can copy the link!

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00:08 Introduction to Meeples and Wine NaPodPoMo 2023 Hello everyone and welcome to meeples and wine NaPodPoMo 2023….

00:55 Understanding Cooperative Tabletop Games Cooperative tabletop games are games in which the players work together to achieve a common goal rather than competing against each other….

01:18 Common Rules in Co-op Tabletop Games Alright, so some common rules that wind up in co op tabletop games….

02:43 Exploring Pandemic: A Co-op Tabletop Game So some examples of co op tabletop games, the one big one is pandemic….

05:26 Diving into Forbidden Island: A Co-op Adventure Forbidden Island is the first of multiple games….

07:39 The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

09:25 Strategies for Winning Co-op Games So some strategy, communication is the key for co op games….

10:42 Conclusion and Final Thoughts So if you’re looking for a new type of game to try, I highly recommend checking out some co op games….

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