Gamestormers and Two Brother’s Meyer Lemon Vodka Soda

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Ever have a great game idea, one that combines pirates, horror, sci-fi and had characters and items that really drew you in? Ever want to play a game where you pitch such a game? Well, we’ve got great news for you, Gamestormer exists. Created by Jon Spike this “tableau filling” game has you filling the role a fledgling Gamestormer who is attempting to impress the Elder Gamestormer with a new game idea. Part strategy and part social game you’ll find yourself drawing Items, Storyline and Mechanic cards to fill your tableau, while using the card actions to draw or redraw cards to fit your theme for points. There’s also another way to win, where you and an opponent face of in the Arena to pitch your game idea to the Elder to win. It’s a fun game for those players that enjoy storytelling and open-ended goals, and also is wonderfully illustrated by Viktoriya Fajardo.

We also taste Two Brother’s Meyer Lemon and Vodka seltzer canned cocktails, a mix of their artisan vodka and Meyer lemon juice. The biggest difference on this one compared to other seltzers on the market is the fact they’re 100% vodka, no “malt beverage” in this one.

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