Doomtown Reloaded & TX Blended Whiskey

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Howdy pardners! Welcome to the Weird West, where the Reckoners are comin’, that there mad scientist down the street has some real odd noises comin’ from his barn, and tumbleweeds can actually kill ya! Sorry, tumblebleed’ll kill ya! Yes, welcome to the world of Doomtown: Reloaded a living card game by AEG where you face off as one of four starting factions. Will you play the Law Dogs, the (more or less) good guys who keep the peace here in the town of Gomorra or will you face off against them as the Sloane Gang, and take over the town through fear? You can even play as the Morgan Cattle Company and fund mad scientists to create gadgets from the far side of your imagination, and if you’ve got the hankern’ you can throw down as the Fourth Ring, a circus of hucksters, harrowed and abominations. We got something for everyone here!

We also take few glasses of TX Blended Whiskey for a spin on this one, because everyone knows Cowboys Don’t Drink Chard. This is a nice smooth whiskey made at Firestone & Robertson Distilling in Fort Worth, TX, where no one has been called out to town square for a shootout in many years, or so I’ve been told. We sip these from Mike’s Frontier Casino glasses from the now defunct wild west themed resort, so it’s all spurs and traildust in this week’s episode!

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