Mr. Jack and Three Fingered Jack Red Blend

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Hey there, fellow tabletop game enthusiasts and wine lovers!

This episode Michael and Suzanne dive into the dark and mysterious London district of the two-player board game with “Mr. Jack.” Join us as we unravel the mystery in this strategic duel of wits. Will it be the brilliant detective or the elusive Jack the Ripper who prevails?

But that’s not all! As we strategize over the game board, we’re sipping on the Three Fingered Jack Red Blend wine. This velvety red blend is the perfect companion to an evening of gaming and mystery-solving. Our Kickstarter finds this week are Plank! – A Dynamic Tabletop Pirate Adventure and Flash Gordon: The Board Game!

So grab your favorite board game buddy, pour a glass of Three Fingered Jack Red Blend, and join Michael and Suzanne for a fun-filled, game-packed episode of “Meeples and Wine.” It’s a delightful blend of strategy, suspense, and wine appreciation that you won’t want to miss! Cheers! 🍷🎲

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