Michael Plays with Himself: Onirim and Two Brothers Cherry Northwind

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Solo Game Exploration and Beer Tasting: ‘Onirim’ and Two Brothers Imperial Stout

Onirim: A Dreamy Solitaire Adventure


This week I’m reviewing Onirim, a solo/cooperative card game where you navigate a mysterious labyrinth as a dreamwalker. You must escape before your dream time runs out by finding the eight oneiric doors.


Onirim is a set collection and deck-building game. You have a hand of five cards and must match sets of three to unlock doors. However, there are challenges:

  • Sun and Moon cards: You can’t play a sun next to a moon or the same icon twice in a row.
  • Key cards: Discarding a key allows you to unlock a door but reduces your chances for others.
  • Nightmare cards: These force you to discard cards or sacrifice resources to avoid waking from the dream.


The second edition comes with seven expansions in the box, adding new mechanics and challenges like manipulating the deck, time bombs, and unreliable allies.

Overall Impressions

I enjoyed Onirim but found it slightly frustrating due to not having resources near the end of the game. I rate it 7.5 out of 10. I picked this one up at Dane’s Games in Geneva, IL.

Additional Notes

  • The episode also features a beer review of Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Cherry and a Kickstarter spotlight on “Dungeon Twist” game.

0:00 Onirim and Two Brothers Cherry Northwind
00:13 Introduction and Beer Review
05:42 Sponsor Break: Manscaped
07:42 Game Review: Onirim
16:53 Kickstarter Spotlight and Conclusion

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