NaPodPomo 2023: 30 Days of Game Mechanics: Press Your Luck Games

Napodpomo 14

Welcome to Meeples and Wine Na Pod Pomo 2023, hosted by Michael and Suzy, where they review board and tabletop games for couples. They explore how well games play with two players, their fun factor, complexity, and whether they might “destroy the marriage.” Each episode also includes a thematic wine, beer, or drink tasting to accompany the game.

Push Your Luck – Unveiling the Mechanics of ‘Pass the Pigs’ & ‘Cosmic Wimp Out’

Welcome to another episode of Meeples and Wine’s NaPodPoMo 2023: 30 Days of Game Mechanics! Today Michael explores ‘press your luck’ games with attention to popular classics ‘Pass the Pigs’ and ‘Cosmic Wimp Out’. He discusses the effective use of risk and reward systems in these games and provide insights into how to play, emphasizing their appeal as highly portable and entertaining. They also encourage listeners to engage with them through their podcast site and SpeakPipe link, which is HERE.

00:09 Introduction and Podcast Overview
01:06 Introduction to ‘Push Your Luck’ Games
01:37 Exploring ‘Pass the Pigs’ Game
03:14 Introduction to ‘Cosmic Wimp Out’ Game
03:59 Detailed Gameplay of ‘Cosmic Wimp Out’
06:40 Additional Features and Availability of ‘Cosmic Wimp Out’
08:31 Conclusion and Sign Off

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