Foxes & Riesling!

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Suzanne and Michael are back from attending Polar Vortex! We had a great conversation on two player games with Graham from Fair Game and picked up The Fox in the Forest from Renegade Game Studios and Cat in the Box from Bezier Games! We got a hand painted dice tray from Joe Abboreno, check out his stuff on the shop on Threadless! Also check out the cool crocheted plushies and bags from Candi Coated Creations!, like the super cute Futurama brain slug!

We’ve also played the two-player trick-taking game Foxes in the Forest for this week’s show. It’s a twist on the standard idea of the genre, adding special cards that allow you to manipulate your hand, change the trump suit, and more in order to adjust to two players. But winning isn’t everything! You can win by losing, or lose by winning too much! If you get greedy and win more than 9 tricks you’ll score nothing, but if you stay humble and win three or less you’ll finish the hand with 6! It’s more than matching the trump suit or taking the trick, there’s a ton of strategy with the action cards, and a ton of replay value!

We taste Dr. Loosen’s Riesling, a Riesling from the Mosel valley. This one was suggested by Dan from the Midwest Gaming Classic!

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