Meeples & Wine 13 – Rallies & Robots

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Welcome to episode 13! Today we’re going to be skipping the wine tasting since Suzy has recovered from being a sicky all day and we don’t want to repeat. But, we are talking about rallies and…rallies? We’re talking about Road Rallies! Getting in the car, answering questions and getting to those locations first to get the clue to the next one, all to get to the Ground Round restaurant first! We’ve both participated and ran rallies in the past so we’ve got some comments! We also talk about the 1993 RoboRally and some other Richard Garfield games, then compare it to the most recent 2016 version!

Just an aside, the rally team that I was talking about in the show no longer exists, but I did find this one! which looks pretty cool too!

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