Roborally 2023 and 19 Crimes Martha’s Chard

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Board Games, Wine Tasting, and Midwest Gaming Classic Adventures

In this episode of Meeples and Wine, hosts Michael and Suzy return after a brief hiatus to share news of their appearance at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2024 in Milwaukee. They reminisce about their past experience at the event, interview highlights, and announce their plans for game demos, reviews, and more on the Meeples and Wine Tabletop stage. Following the event news, they dive into a wine tasting session featuring 19 Crimes Martha’s Chard from California, discussing its characteristics, pairing options, and their personal tasting notes. The episode shifts to a detailed review of RoboRally 2023, comparing it with previous editions, discussing its gameplay mechanics, and debating its impact on relationships. Lastly, they introduce an upcoming Kickstarter project, River Valley Glassworks, noting its cute premise and potential gameplay allure.

00:00 Welcome to Meeples and Wine: Midwest Gaming Classic Announcement
01:25 Tasting 19 Crimes Martha’s Chard: A Wine Review
04:54 Diving Into RoboRally 2023: Gameplay and Comparison
17:55 Diving Deep into Game Mechanics
23:22 Exploring Game Upgrades and Strategy
33:57 Wrapping Up with Final Thoughts and Future Plans

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