Potion Panic and Three Lakes Winery Blueberry Wine

65 Potion Panic

We’re back and this week we’re reviewing Rocket House GamesPotion Panic a frantic race to become the Alchemist a la Mode by completing potion recipe’s components, smashing vials to get more cards in your hand or to deny your opponents those super valuable crystals! Ten crystals gets you the Philosopher’s Stone, which wins you the game and grants you powers beyond explanation in the next game (well, there is a card that explains them…). How does Potion Panic rate on our Fun scale? How does is rate on our Couch Score (how likely it is for Michael to wind up sleeping on the couch due to the game?)

Get Potion Panic Here!

We also taste a 100% blueberry wine from Three Lakes Winery in Wisconsin. Made from whole ripe blueberries, this isn’t a “blueberry flavored wine beverage” but the real thing!

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