Meeples & Wine 21 – Hot Cider & Party Games

21 Feature

Welcome to episode 21! Tonight on the closing of Thanksgiving, we’re resting in our turkey comas have put away all the leftovers and are enjoying a nice hot mug of cider. What’s in that cider, you may ask? Well we’ve got Plantation Original Dark Rum and Old Granddad’s Bonded Bourbon, both worthy additions to a apple-y nightcap!

We’ve also got some Twitter chatter with Dave Z ✶✶✶✶ Beer In Front Podcast (@BeerInFront) and F**k My Work Life (@fmwlpod) on making beer, Malort or White Claw gummies!

    The question of the day is “What are the best party games for the holidays?” What’s going to keep everyone engaged and having fun? Is it an old school classic game like Pictionary or Cranium, or something new like The Chameleon? Could it be something hectic and crazy like Spaceteam or a lower key (and lower volume) game like Whoonu?

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