NaPodPomo 2023: 30 Days of Game Mechanics: Pencil and Paper Games

Napodpomo 7

Welcome to Meeples and Wine Na Pod Pomo 2023, hosted by Michael and Suzy, where they review board and tabletop games for couples. They explore how well games play with two players, their fun factor, complexity, and whether they might “destroy the marriage.” Each episode also includes a thematic wine, beer, or drink tasting to accompany the game.

In this episode, Michael delves into the world of paper and pencil games, highlighting grid coverage, enclosure games, and line drawing as different styles within this category.

The featured game of the day is “Cartographers: A Roleplayer Tale” by Thunderworks Games. In this game, you become a cartographer in the service of Queen Gimnax, tasked with mapping the Northern lands and increasing your reputation by meeting the Queen’s demands. The game involves edict cards that determine how you score, explore cards that dictate what you draw on your map, and the challenge of dealing with raids by your opponents. It’s a fun and engaging game that combines strategy, Tetris-like piece placement, and clever scoring mechanisms. Don’t miss out on this exciting gaming experience, and be sure to check the show notes for relevant links. Happy gaming!

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