Happy Little Dinosaurs & FRE Wine


Welcome to the new year and we are back, as refreshed as we’re going to get, and ready to taste a new bottle of wine and play a game that won’t end up with you and yours in marriage counselling! We recap our month off dealing with racing a storm to southern Illinois for Christmas, playing Kingdominoes and Spaceteam while we were down there, deer sightings and Leg Lamp revelations!

We’re trying to do Dry January by not drinking for the whole month, and to stay with it we try FRE Red Blend, that’s a Alcohol Removed Wine for all you not in the know. Place your bets now on how well this goes off with Michael & Suzy.


The Cutest End of The World You’ve Ever Seen.

This week we’re reviewing Happy Little Dinosaurs from Unstable Games, how the rules scale down to a two player game, where you can find the rules FAQ for the game, and we introduce version one of the Marriage Counseling Game Score. This ranges from “That Was Fun” to “Two CHRISTMASES!” on a scale of 1 to 10, but we’re workshopping it now, it may be 1 through 5 next week but let us know what you think about the scale at our Speakpipe link below or if you’re on mobile just tap the link here!