Meeples & Wine 30 – Its Over

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Well, it is and it isn’t. #NaPodPomo is done, we have completed 30 shows in 30 days with two hours to go, and Michael & Suzy are done. With posting daily that is, we’re moving to a weekly show, with more time to prepare, and get some of the cool things that we’ve wanted to done! In this episode we talk about all such things, like demo videos, tours of wineries, shows at local game stores and having other gaming couples over to play! Do you have an idea for the weekly show, then tap that voicemail link below and let us know! We’ll be back soon!

If you’ve got a game that you’d like us to demo get in touch at, at our Twitter (@Meeplesandwine) or Facebook or if you’d like to leave us a voicemail you can go to!

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