NaPodPomo 2023: 30 Days of Game Mechanics: Simultaneous Play

Napodpomo 16

Welcome to Meeples and Wine Na Pod Pomo 2023, hosted by Michael and Suzy, where they review board and tabletop games for couples. They explore how well games play with two players, their fun factor, complexity, and whether they might “destroy the marriage.” Each episode also includes a thematic wine, beer, or drink tasting to accompany the game.

Simultaneous Play Games : Breakdown and Review of Space Team

In this edition of Meeples and Wine: NowPodPomo 2023, hosts Michael and Susie dive deep into the world of simultaneous play board games, highlighting its unique appeal due to its dynamic and interactive nature. The focus is on ‘Space Team’, a co-op shouting card game where players work together to repair a malfunctioning spaceship. ‘Space Team’ and its two expansions available on Stellar Factory are scrutinized, with the hosts recommending the Triangulum expansion over the NSFS (Not Safe for Space) expansion.

00:10 Introduction and Podcast Overview
00:40 How to Connect with Us
01:08 Introduction to NaPodPoMo and Future Plans
02:17 Exploring Simultaneous Play
02:50 Space Team: A Simultaneous Play Game
04:14 Anomalies in Space Team
05:55 Space Team Expansions
06:52 Conclusion and Future Topics

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