NaPodPomo 2023: 30 Days of Game Mechanics: Take That! or Screw Your Neighbor

Napodpomo 17

Welcome to Meeples and Wine Na Pod Pomo 2023, hosted by Michael and Suzy, where they review board and tabletop games for couples. They explore how well games play with two players, their fun factor, complexity, and whether they might “destroy the marriage.” Each episode also includes a thematic wine, beer, or drink tasting to accompany the game.

Exploring ‘Take That’ Games and Related Mechanics: From Munchkin to UNO Flip

In this episode of ‘Meeples and Wine’, Michael explores the popular board and tabletop game mechanic known as ‘Take That’ or ‘Screw Your Neighbor”. They discuss games including ‘Munchkin’, ‘Flux’, ‘Kittens in a Blender’, and ‘UNO’, with a specific focus on ‘UNO Flip’. These games involve players using cards or actions to harm their opponents, often leading to strategic moves and exciting gameplay. The hosts also highlight some of their own experiences with these games, how the rules keep changing, the level of strategy involved, and how different players may respond to such mechanics.

00:10 Introduction to Meeples and Wine Podcast
00:50 How to Connect with Us
01:13 Introduction to ‘Take That’ Games
01:48 Exploring Munchkin: A ‘Take That’ Game
03:21 Diving into Flux: A Game of Changing Rules
06:50 Kittens in a Blender: A Quirky ‘Take That’ Game
07:17 UNO: The Classic ‘Take That’ Game
09:22 Customizing UNO: Creating Your Own Rules
10:11 Conclusion and Farewell

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